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The veterinarians of Saratoga Veterinary Hospital are a dedicated group of professionals who commit themselves to caring for the Wilton and greater Saratoga Springs pet communities. Learn more about our exceptional veterinarians on this page and be sure to make an appointment soon to experience their passion and expertise first-hand!

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Dr. Brockett

Dr. Chris Brockett – Veterinarian/Owner

Dr. Chris was born and raised in Upstate NY in Dolgeville. He attended Cornell University for both his undergraduate and veterinary education. He, like most veterinarians, knew that he wanted to help animals from the very beginning and never had any other goal than to become a small animal private practice veterinarian. There was never any wavering from the strong bonds that he felt around almost any animal. That connection kept him on task throughout his education.

He and Dr. Leisa met as undergrads while both working as teaching assistants and in the same research department. Dr. Leisa always wanted to return to Saratoga, so upon graduating, Dr. Chris joined the staff at SVH. They were married that year and Dr. Leisa joined SVH one year later. They live in Wilton with their two children. Besides the children, the menagerie includes two dogs, two cats, a bearded dragon, and a horse.

“Taking ownership of the practice and working hard to earn the trust of not only the pets and their owners, but also of the staff at SVH, has been the greatest professional challenge of my life and I wouldn’t trade any of it. The chance to meet a young animal and have their owner place their care in your hands is a humbling experience. The opportunity to build that relationship, with owner and pet, over a journey that often stretches well beyond a decade is what I get the most joy from. Having a pet who bounds through the door with tail wagging, or who trusts me to reach into a carrier for them, is the reward that I have spent a lifetime working to achieve.”

Dr. Leisa Brockett

Dr. Leisa Brockett – Veterinarian/Owner

Dr. Leisa Brockett is a Saratoga Springs native.  She began her career at Saratoga Veterinary Hospital as an animal caretaker in 1989, while still in high school.  Dr. Leisa felt a deep connection with animals even as a small child and always knew she wanted to work with them as a career.  Fascinated by the sciences in school, veterinary medicine seemed to satisfy the desire to combine her curiosity for biology with her love of, and desire to help, animals.

Dr. Leisa studied at Cornell University; completing a degree in Animal Science in 1992 and receiving her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1996.  During those years she met and married Dr. Chris, bonding over their love of animals, science and teaching.  She also frequently returned home to spend time in her favorite place, Saratoga Springs.

Upon graduation, Dr. Leisa returned to Saratoga to join Dr. Chris at Saratoga Veterinary Hospital.  Entering into practice with Dr. Sofarelli, her mentor and then owner, was an opportunity to come home to the practice that meant so much from the very beginnings of her dreams.  Since then she has been blessed with two children, Megan and Alex, and many furry family members.  Her fur family currently includes a horse, Beemer, two cats, Cleo and C.C., and a motley crew of two dogs, Bailey and Sketch, and a bearded dragon, Pogo.  All of them were acquired from owners that could no longer keep them.

Leisa and Chris purchased Saratoga Veterinary Hospital in 2001, completing the circle that began for her so many years ago.  Since then, they have striven to continue the mission of serving the Saratoga community with warmth, compassion and medical excellence which Dr. Sofarelli laid in place.  Whether she is helping clients to welcome a new puppy or kitten into their home, care for an old friend, or say goodbye to a beloved family member, Dr. Leisa is honored and humbled by the trust that clients place in her and works to honor that trust with warmth and kindness.  She loves learning and researching to find the best solution for each family.

When she is not at work, Dr. Leisa enjoys reading, hiking, listening to and playing music and spending time with family and friends.

Dr. Jennifer Steeves

Dr. Jennifer Steeves – Veterinarian

Dr. Jennifer Steeves was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Growing up on a hobby farm she took care of animals both big and small and became intrigued with their inner workings and anatomy.

She studied Education and Science at Mount Allison University and Veterinary Medicine at Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada, receiving her degree in 1998.  Since graduation she has worked in multiple practices in New York and Vermont.

Dr. Steeves is passionate about learning; studying and obtaining certification in abdominal and cardiac ultrasound, stem cell therapy and companion animal laser therapy.  Her patients include cats, dogs, pocket pets, birds and reptiles.  She keeps an open mind and is always willing to try something new. In addition to her amazing skills, Dr. Steeves brings a great sense of humor to the practice, keeping us all relaxed and entertained.

She lives in Greenwich, NY with her daughter Megan, two horses, Tally and Snowy, and two cats, Quincey and Derby.  She enjoys working on her own hobby farm, gardening, cooking, and reading.  She also enjoys taking the road less traveled, hiking and kayaking.

Dr. Kate Underhill

Dr. Kate Underhill – Veterinarian

Dr. Kate Underhill grew up in Charlton, NY, alongside various dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses. She aspired to become a veterinarian from a very early age, continued to hone this passion for animals throughout her life. She completed her undergraduate studies at Northeastern University in 2014, and in 2019 received her veterinary degree from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.  She then returned to the Capital District to start her career at Saratoga Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Kate feels very fortunate to have made her childhood dream a reality, and loves that her job allows her to help animals as well as the people who care for them.  She is passionate about fostering the human-animal bond to ensure pets are healthy, happy members of the family for as long as possible. She also appreciates that being a veterinarian gives her ample opportunities for continued learning and growth.

Dr. Kate currently resides in Ballston Lake with her husband, border collie mix named Missy, nova scotia duck tolling retriever named Eli, a border collie named Rey, and cat named Oliver. Her pets are valued members of the family and she can’t imagine life without them. Outside of the hospital she enjoys playing agility with her dogs, hiking, cycling, and reading.