Veterinarian and Animal Hospital Near Corinth, NY Treating Dogs, Cats, and a Variety of Exotics

Saratoga Veterinary Hospital has been serving the community of Corinth, NY as a veterinarian since 1973. Our animal hospital is certified with the American Animal Hospital Association and is able to treat a variety of species in addition to dogs and cats--including birds, pocket pets, and reptiles. We recognize that pets are more than just companions; they’re family members with many health needs and different life stages. For comprehensive and consistent care that addresses your pet’s individual needs and helps you be the best pet parent, reach out to our team and schedule an appointment today by calling (518) 587-3832.

a dog being examined with a stethoscope

Learn About the Veterinary Services We Offer to the Pets of Corinth, NY

Our animal hospital near Corinth is a full-service practice providing gold standard care in a fully-equipped facility. Whatever your pet needs to get healthy (or stay healthy), our veterinarians and staff can help.

Some of our notable veterinary services include:

What Being AAHA is All About

Just 12-15% of all animal hospitals in North America are AAHA accredited. Being accredited means being able to meet or exceed over 900 standards established by the American Animal Hospital Association, and passing inspection by AAHA experts to ensure that our practice is operating at the highest level. From the medicine we offer to the quality of service we provide, everything we do reflects our dedication to excellence because it’s what you and your pet deserve.

If you’re curious to know more about our accreditation and what that means for you, call us at (518) 587-3832!