8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer in Wilton, NY

We know how hot and potentially harmful summer weather can be for our pets, but it’s still easy to take for granted! At Saratoga Veterinary Hospital in Wilton, NY, we often speak with pet owners about how to detect signs of heat stroke and how to keep dogs and cats cool from one summer day to the next. When in doubt, always take time to review safety measures and recommendations to protect your four-legged family members and ensure that they stay healthy and happy.

See our Wilton, NY animal hospital’s article below for helpful tips to keep your cat or dog cool this summer in Wilton, NY!

how to keep your dog cool in summer wilton, ny

How to Keep Your Pet Cool During the Summer

There are many different ways to keep your dog or cat cool throughout the summer months. Here are some of our recommendations:

When in Doubt, Keep Your Dog at Home

You might have your reasons for wanting to take your dog along on your trip to the store or to visit a friend, but the car can be a dangerous place for your pet in the summertime if they are left unattended. We all assume at times that a quick stop at the store is just that, but we can easily become distracted and lose track of time. Even just a few minutes in an increasingly hot vehicle can be life-threatening to your pet, so eliminate their risk of heat stroke or worse altogether by keeping them home with the air conditioning. 

No A/C? Use Fans and Cooling Pads

If your A/C is broken or there’s a power outage, you want to have additional cooling options on hand for your pet. We recommend battery-powered fans and cooling pads as your next best option to maintain a safe body temperature for your dog or cat, along with easy access to fresh water. 

Keep Fresh Water Available to Your Pet at All Times

Never take for granted the importance of water to your pet! Hydration is crucial, especially in summer. Refill your pet’s water bowl(s) regularly and make sure they can get to their water easily. If you’re traveling with your pet, bring along a water dish and make sure you have several bottles of water on hand to keep your pet’s hydration up. 

Get a Cooling Vest for Your Dog

Cooling vests are another option for keeping your dog comfortable in the summer. They come in various sizes (and colors!), so whether your dog is petite or large, you can find a vest that fits them just right. Cooling vests work by retaining water (after being wetted) and allowing for air flow through the fabric, which helps to prevent your pet from overheating. 

Walk Your Pet During Cooler Times of Day

To reduce your pet’s exposure to the heat and sun, try timing their walks for the early morning, before or just around sunrise, and/or in the evening, around sunset. The air and ground are cooler during these times, which is easier on your pet’s paws and allows them to get much needed exercise safely. Walking during the middle of the day increases your dog’s risk for heat stroke, because the sidewalks and streets are much hotter, in addition to the air itself. 

Reduce or Spread Out Your Pup’s Outdoor Playtime

Your dog doesn’t understand the dangers of heat stroke, but you do! Shorten their time spent playing and romping outside so they don’t overexert themselves. If necessary, spread out their playtimes into 5- or 10-minute sessions, with cooldowns and plenty of water breaks in between. 

Create Shady Shelters in Your Yard

If you have an indoor-outdoor cat or a dog that loves to be out, make sure they have a cool, shady spot to shelter away from the sun. As always, make sure water is constantly available to your pet and easily within their reach. We recommend bringing your pet inside whenever possible to keep them cool, but there are things you can do for your pet outside to also minimize their exposure to the sun and heat. 

Create a Mini Water Park for Your Pet

A soak in a small wading pool or a dash through the sprinkler is a great way for your pet to stay cool and enjoy themselves. You can also try splash pads if your dog prefers it. Combined with a cooling vest and fresh water to drink, your pet will be much safer and happier on hot summer days!

Contact Us for More Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool During the Summer

If you have any questions about how to keep your dog or cat cool in the summer here in Wilton, NY, reach out to Saratoga Veterinary Hospital today at (518) 587-3832. We would be happy to offer recommendations and provide information about pet heat stroke, which is a bigger risk to dogs and cats than you might think. Your pet’s safety and wellbeing are always important to us, and we want you both to enjoy the summer months to the fullest. 


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