How to Make Your Home Cat Friendly in Wilton, NY

Home is where the cat is, and your feline family member deserves to have a comfortable and enriching environment in which to live, just like you do. Making your home more cat-friendly can make your pet feel more secure, and more importantly, happier and healthier!

With the help of qualified feline veterinarians, our Wilton, NY, animal hospital would like to share some recommendations so you can turn your home into a little slice of paradise for your precious, whiskered friend.

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What Your Home Needs to Be Cat Friendly

There are many different ways you can make your home a more cat-friendly place, without sacrificing functionality and practicality for yourself and your human family members.

Here are some of the keys to creating a healthy, happy environment for your cat:

Safety and Security

Territorial and solitary creatures, cats need to feel safe in their environment in order to relax, be happy, and enjoy a loving relationship with you. Make sure your home offers quiet, sheltered spaces away from the hubbub to which your cat can retreat if they feel agitated or overwhelmed. These spaces should have at least 2 sides providing protection (and some cover) so your cat doesn’t feel vulnerable.

If possible, make available or create elevated spots your cat can climb up into, so they can survey their surroundings from above. A cat tree, hammock, or custom-built shelf can provide your feline with the shelter and vantage point they need to escape potentially stressful situations.

Separate Areas for Eating, Sleeping, Toileting, and Scratching

Your cat’s home environment requires these key resources: a place to eat, places to eliminate, a place to scratch, a place to play, and a place to sleep. All of these areas should be in separate parts of the house, especially if you have 2 or more cats living with you. Since cats are territorial, having their resources placed separately allows for easier, low-stress access with lower chances of a unpleasant encounter. Cats can and will get into spats if they feel they are being challenged or infringed upon in their respective spaces.

It is widely recommended that if you have one cat in your household, they should have 2 separate litter boxes; if you have 2 cats, there should be 3 litter boxes.

Plenty of Opportunities for Play and Natural, Predatory Behavior

Cats are natural predators and as such, it’s healthy to let them engage in predatory behaviors from time to time so they can tap into their hunting instincts. There are all kinds of toys that look and act like prey, but you can also use food puzzles and food-filled Kong toys to challenge your feline and help them stay active.

Accommodation for Your Cat’s Keen Sense of Smell

Scent plays a key role in your cat’s environment. It gives them important information about their surroundings, such as the presence of a potential threat, and it can help them establish a sense of security by marking their boundaries and staking a claim over certain parts of the house.

Cats have scent glands on their cheeks, so if you see your companion rubbing their face on the wall or on the corner of your refrigerator, that’s a sure sign your cat is marking the spot with their pheromones. These pheromones contribute to your cat’s sense of security in your home, so don’t be in a hurry to wipe and disinfect these pheromone spots.

Routine, Positive Interactions with You and Other Human Family Members

There is no better way to bond with your feline and make them feel loved and secure in your home than to engage in routine, positive interactions with them on a daily basis. All cats are unique individuals, but they all benefit from regular cuddle sessions (if preferred), playtimes, grooming, or just lounging around with you on the sofa.

As much as we like to think our cats are fiercely independent, they need plenty of positive attention, too. Try to make time in your busy day to give your kitty the chin rubs they love so much, or a good brushing. Whatever types of interactions work best for them, know that they truly appreciate the attention they get from you!

Want to Learn More About Making Your Home Cat Friendly in Wilton, NY?

Get in touch with our team at our Wilton, NY, animal hospital by calling (518) 583-2731! We would be happy to answer your questions and recommend cat-friendly techniques and products to help you create a better environment for your feline family member.

You can also visit the Cat Friendly website for more information!

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