Important COVID-19 Information:

Due to staffing limitations, our lobby hours vary Monday to Friday. Please call and leave a detailed message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Boarding pick ups and drop offs on Saturday and Sunday must be scheduled in advance. If you have any questions please call us at (518) 583-2731.

Exotic Pet Boarding with Our Knowledgeable Staff in Wilton, NY

At Paws N’ Claws, we can accommodate more than your traditional pets! We are experienced with all kinds of exotics including reptiles, birds, rabbits, and small mammals, and know their individual needs, meaning you can feel confident about leaving your special companion with us. Your pet will be in a separate area from both our dog and cat guests for their ultimate safety and comfort. Saratoga Veterinary Hospital also provides expert exotic pet care, so if your pet needs any medical treatment during their stay, we’ll be able to get them the care they need quickly.

Call us today at (518) 583-2731 to schedule your next exotic pet boarding at our awesome facility!

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Bird, Reptile, Small Mammal, and Rabbit Boarding Services

We recognize that exotic pet boarding is certainly not a one-size-fits-all service. Birds, reptiles, rabbits, and other small mammals have very unique needs depending on their species, so we ask that you please bring in your pet’s full enclosure in order to minimize their stress and to keep them in an environment that suits them. Additionally, please bring your pet’s food with you and directions for feeding them.

During your pet’s stay, they’ll receive:

  • Food, according to your directions, and fresh water
  • Enclosure maintenance to keep it clean
  • Medication administration, if needed

Boarding Requirements

For our reptile boarding, bird boarding, and small mammal and rabbit boarding requirements, it is necessary that your pet be parasite- and disease-free, and that you provide all their essential needs such as food, their enclosure, and any toys they may want to have. Since exotic pet boarding is such a diverse service, we cannot provide these items, which are unique to each pet.

Please contact us at (518) 583-2731 to talk with a trained receptionist about your pet’s needs and to get a quote for their boarding stay costs!

Boarding Pricing

Boarding pricing for exotics is $25.00/night.

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